How to make a composter in Minecraft

minecraft composter

Minecraft is a game that continues to have millions of followers around the world. This game is known for having a wide universe, where we find many new elements, so there is always something to learn in it. Something that many know is the composter in Minecraft. About this element we tell you everything below.

We are going to tell you what a composter is in Minecraft, in addition to the way in which one can be made. Since this is something that interests many users, who do not know the steps that have to be followed in this regard to make it possible. So in this guide you will have all the steps you need to know so that it will be possible.

Due to the huge number of items in the game, not all users know this composter, or know what it is used for. So it's good to have more information about it, so that we know more about this block. Since in some cases it may be something that you are going to use in your Minecraft account. It is something that can help you advance at certain times when you are playing the well-known title.

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What is the composter

minecraft composter

The composter is a block in Minecraft. This is a block that has the ability or ability to turn food and plant material into bone powder. This is the main purpose of this block in the game. In addition, it also works as a workbench for the villagers in the game. So it is actually a block that has two functions within this game.

At some point when we are playing, we will be able to use this composter to create bone dust on our account, which can then be used as fertilizer. This is something that can be done in a fairly simple way. Since you will only have to right click on said composter with some type of food or vegetable matter (it can be any in this sense). Then we are going to see how the composter is going to be filled according to the amount of material that you introduce in it. When it's full, its top texture will change, which is what tells us that it's ready to turn into bone dust. In order to pick it up, you have to right click again on the composter to get bone powder.

As we said, works with food or plant matter. So whenever we want, we can get bone powder in Minecraft thanks to this composter. Examples of food or plant matter are bread, cake, cookies or potatoes, tree leaves, carrots or tree flowers. We can use any of them with this composter in the game. The good thing is that it doesn't have to be one or the other, so we can use whatever we have in our inventory at that particular time.

How to make a composter in Minecraft

Once we know what this object is, as well as what we can do with it in our account, the next step is how we can make one. Luckily, this is a fairly simple process, which we will be able to complete without too many problems in our Minecraft account. This way we can have bone dust whenever we need, which is something that can be very useful in the game, as you probably already know.

Steps to follow

Make Minecraft Composter

The first thing we are going to have to do in this case is to open the 3×3 crafting table in your in-game account. When this table has been opened, we are going to have to place certain objects on it, in the proper order. This order is the one that can be seen in the photo above, so you will not have problems in this regard. What objects are needed to be able to make this composter in Minecraft?

  • 3 wooden blocks (any type of wood will do)
  • 4 wooden fences (any kind of wooden fences will work for this).
  • 7 wooden half blocks or tiles if you play the BedRock version of the game (they can be of any type as well).

When these items have been placed on the crafting table, in addition to having placed them in the proper order, we can see that said composter will already appear in our inventory in Minecraft. He'll come up first in the results box and then we're just going to have to move him into the in-game inventory ourselves, which we already know how to do.

The crafting process of this composter is very simple, as you can see. It has the enormous advantage that we can use any type of wood in this regard. Since although three wooden blocks and four fences are needed, being able to use any type of wood makes it very comfortable, because we will only have to look at what we have in inventory at that moment and then use that. As long as we place these blocks in the correct place, we can obtain said composter in our account, which is what matters.

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Bone powder

As we have mentioned before, this composter in Minecraft is something that we are going to use to convert food or plant matter in bone powder. There may be users who don't know exactly what this bone powder is, or what it can be used for in the well-known game. Since it is something that can help us at many different times.

Bone dust is something that is also known in-game as ground bone and bone meal, so if you come across those other terms, you'll know it's the same thing. It is a material that is obtained from the bones of skeletons when they die. Although the bones can be used to tame wolves, the bone dust is not used for this purpose, but is something we will use in another way. Actually this bone powder has two uses: dye and fertilizer.


The first of its uses is that of dye. Like all dyes, it can be applied directly to a sheep to obtain white wool from it. Although it cannot be used to dye wool white, it can be mixed with other materials to create other dyes in this way.

Bone dust is something that is commonly used as a fertilizer in Minecraft.. This is when it is applied to crops or shoots, so it causes the plant to grow faster (to get maximum growth, you will need to use various bone powders). You can also apply this powder to tree buds. You have to be careful in the placement of the character if it is used to fertilize trees, since it is necessary to leave space for the growth of the new leaves and the new wooden trunk. If you are too close and the tree grows to catch your character's head, then you will die by suffocation, so be careful. Also if you put the bone dust on the lawn, Herbs and/or flowers will grow. In version 1.16 of Minecraft new uses have been added for it in this sense. Since it can also be used to expand a Crimson Forest or a Warped Forest by placing the bone dust on a netherrack block next to a Necelium block.

food and vegetable matter


The composter in Minecraft is going to work with food and plant matter. The advantage of it is that we will be able to use practically any type of food or plants in it, so that said bone powder will be able to be obtained. Although this composter has to be filled for this to be possible. The rate at which it fills will be variable, because it depends on what we put in it.

That is, there are plants or foods from which a greater quantity has to be used so that said composter is filled. While in others it will go faster. This is something that we are going to see over time, so it is good that you pay attention. The composter changes color at the top, obtaining a texture, to indicate that it is full at that time. So if we look at when we add food and plant matter, we can see which ones allow the process to be faster.

Although this is something that will not always matter to you, in addition, it will also depend on what you have in your inventory. There may be times when you don't have as many plants or food to put in this composter, so you'll have to put what you have and wait for it to compost. In many cases you may have to add about seven layers for it to fill. In any case, when it is full you will be able to see it right away and that way you already have that bone powder.

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