How to get Coin Master free spins?

Coin Master infinite spins

In Coin Master, the popular game of management and expansion of villages, the slot machine is, without a doubt, the one that defines your progress. Sure, there are many more things that depend on the player, and make a real difference to your progress, but the slot is too heavy. Therefore, today I am going to teach you how to master that artifact of chance to get free spins in Coin Master.

The random factor of the game launched by Moon Active in 2010 is very present in the slot machine. It cannot be said that luck is something we can afford to do without in this game, since almost all the resources are obtained in a totally random action: the spins of the slot machine. Stay a few minutes so you can learn how to put luck on your side.

Spinning on the slot machine is as simple an action as it can be, it consists of 3 steps: you get spins > you spend them to move the slot > you win prizes. It is especially the first step that we can get the most out of, don't you know how? Well, that's why you're here, to learn how to get more Coin Master free spins. Let's see how Coin Master gives us the chance to get free spins.

How to get Coin Master free spins?

Coin Master

  • Waiting – As simple as it sounds, this is, in most cases, the main way to get free spins. In about 10 hours, your spin count can go from 0 to 50, which is the maximum, at a rate of 5 spins per hour. So this is a simple way that you can make progress in the game, just by waiting. You must bear in mind that if you reach 50 spins, you will not earn more until you spend some. Avoid wasting this method!
  • Special events – From time to time you will be able to participate in events specially designed for the game community. All you have to do is win some special items in the slots and you will win big prizes! Among which you will find, of course, more spins
  • Códigos – Just pay a little attention to Coin Master's social networks, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here you will find special codes that you can redeem in the game for more spins
  • Facebook – Much of the fun of this game consists of Synchronize the game account with the social network account. And if you don't find good reasons to do it, I tell you that when you do you will receive the large sum of 50 spins!
    • Facebook also offers you another great way to get a good number of spins: by inviting friends to play Coin Master. The invitation will be by Facebook and you will receive the prize once your friend installs the game and creates his account in this
  • card collections – Cards are another important part of the game, each time you complete a collection, you will get more spins
  • winning tournaments – Coin Master offers many opportunities to participate in tournaments, try to have a good performance and you will receive magnificent prizes, with spins included
  • Receive spins from your friends – Ask that friend who invited you or that you invited, a little help for your progress

trading cards

These are the best known ways, but there are others. If you've run out of ways to get new spins, and you definitely want new spins, keep reading.

The best tricks to get spins

  • Facebook Referrals – We have already mentioned this method, and we explained that you will get spins every time a friend accepts your invitation and installs the game. The reason for it to appear on this list is so that you take into account that You can get a lot of use out of this method.
    • All you have to do is Borrow the phones of your relatives and accept the invitation that you will have sent them, then install the game and get to the point that the new spins appear in your account; consider that you could continue using that other phone from time to time to send more spins to your main account every so often
    • It is also possible to do all this with your own phone, although you will probably have to create fake Facebook accounts
  • CM Rewards – In addition to this application, there are a few that perform the same function, but you only need one, and there is no better one. CM Rewards collects all those codes that can appear on social networks and puts them on a tray, saves you a lot of work. Actually this method is not that instant, but it is totally worth keeping in mind, you will win prizes that otherwise, you would not even have noticed
  • happymod – There are also alternatives to this route, but why would you need them? HappyMod is a super popular app that offers the mods of most trusted games. By itself, using a against puts you at risk of being banned, but there are mods of suspicious origin that may pose a risk to your devices or your data, so it is best to go the safest way
  • bounty generators – There are several websites on the net that offer a service especially for players like you. You can even decide the prize you want to receive, but it is not really "free", that is, you will have to pay, but not with money. Depending on the reward you want to receive, you will have to do some tasks, such as downloading other applications or games, and giving them a little use. These tasks are called “human verification”

cheat chest

Beware of bounty generators, there are some that don't need human verification, but these are supposedly bannable. Don't put your account at risk.

Before finishing, we want to make something very important clear, don't forget to rest, you don't want to advance too fast in the game, try to do other things. There have been some cases of people getting addicted to gambling and gambling, avoid being one of them.

And this has been all, I hope I have been helpful and that you now know how to get free Coin Master spins. Now you can go and destroy the game. Let us know in the comments if we missed any interesting routes.

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