Where are all the Liyue Shrines in Genshin Impact?

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Do you want to advance and get valuable resources in Genshin Impact? It would be a very good idea for you to visit the Liyue shrines. Don't you know what they are or where they are? Don't worry. Today I will show you where are all the Liyue shrines in Genshin Impact, and everything you need to know about them.

Genshin Impact is a multiplatform game that has been doing very well in recent times. It has more than 60 million active players per month, and it does not give a sign that it is declining in the near future. The mechanics of the Liyue shrines are very nice and enjoyable, as well as offering huge rewards. In this article we will talk about it.

What are Liyue Shrines?

Liyue Shrines are holy places found (in Liyue) in the game Genshin Impact. These are very varied in their architecture and design, so they represent a pleasant experience in the game. In each of these sanctuaries you will face different challenges, and if you are victorious, you will get various prizes. If you manage to complete all the challenges of the shrines, you will have access to another side quest where you can earn more rewards.

Where are the Liyue Shrines in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Shrines

In Genshin Impact, there are a total of 10 Liyue Shrines that you can find on the map. here is the full list of Liyue shrines and their locations:

  1. Sanctuary of the lonely cloud – northeast of the city of Liyue, in the Wuwang Hill region.
  2. Sanctuary of the Qingxu Mountain – east of Liyue city, near Tianqiu Lake.
  3. Sanctuary of the Top of Jueyun – southeast of the city of Liyue, in the Jueyun Karst region.
  4. Sanctuary of the Guili Peak – southwest of the city of Liyue, in the Guili Plains region.
  5. Sanctuary of the Tianyue Lake – east of Liyue city, near Tianqiu Lake.
  6. Sanctuary of the Luhua Peak – northeast of the city of Liyue, in the region of Luhua Pool.
  7. Sanctuary of the Yujing Peak – south of the city of Liyue, in the Yujing Terrace region.
  8. Sanctuary of the Mingyun Peak – West of Liyue City, in the Mingyun Village region.
  9. Sanctuary of the Tianheng Peak – northwest of the city of Liyue, in the Tianheng Mountain region.
  10. Sanctuary of the Nantian Peak – southeast of the city of Liyue, in the Nantianmen region.

What rewards can you get from Liyue Shrine Challenges?

liyue shrine

By completing the Liyue Shrines challenges in Genshin Impact, you can get various useful rewards, such as:

  • Cousins: the primogems are the Genshin Impact premium currency and can be used to buy wishes in the in-game store. Each Liyue Shrine grants you between 20 and 40 primogems As a reward.
  • improvement resources- Each Liyue Shrine also grants you upgrade resources, such as experience books, mora and ascension materials. These resources are essential for upgrading your characters and weapons in the game.
  • healing items: Some shrines in Liyue give you healing items, such as food or potions, that will help you heal. recover the health and energy of your characters during battles.
  • exclusive rewards: By completing all the Liyue Shrines challenges, you will unlock a special side mission which will grant you exclusive rewards, such as a set of powerful artifacts and an additional number of primogems.

Additionally, completing all of the Liyue Shrines challenges allows you to unlock the achievement "Reach for the Starry Sky", which grants you another primogem reward. Overall, completing the Liyue Shrine challenges is a great way to get valuable resources and advance in the game.

Tricks to win the challenges of the Liyue shrines

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If you are having trouble overcome the Liyue shrines in Genshin Impact, there are some tricks and strategies that you can use to make it easier.

Upgrade your characters and weapons: Before taking on the shrines, make sure your characters and weapons are as upgraded as possible. Use ascension and experience materials to level up your characters and improve their abilities. Also make sure to upgrade and equip your weapons with the best materials and artifacts available.

Elemental Reactions: Use the elemental abilities of your characters to create elemental reactions and do more damage to your enemies. For example, if you use a Cryo ability on an enemy and then hit them with a Pyro ability, you will create a Melt reaction that will deal heavy damage.

use the food: Before entering the sanctuaries, make sure your characters are well fed. Use the food to increase their stats and improve their stamina during battle.

correct elements: Each shrine features enemies with different elemental weaknesses. Be sure to use the correct items to do more damage to your enemies. You can see them elemental weaknesses of enemies by pointing at them with the cursor.

Take advantage of character abilities: Each character has unique abilities that can help you overcome the shrines. Use your characters' abilities effectively to solve puzzles and defeat enemies.

Practice and experiment: Liyue Shrines can be challenging, but practicing and experimenting with different strategies will help you find the best way to overcome them.

Which Liyue shrines can be more difficult?

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In general, the Liyue Shrines in Genshin Impact have a similar level of difficulty, but some may present different and unique challenges compared to others. In terms of difficulty, some players may find the Jueyun Summit Shrine more difficult than the others due to its level design and the complexity of the puzzles found within.

At the Jueyun Summit Shrine, you will need to navigate through a series of interconnected rooms and solve various puzzles to unlock the path to the main sanctuary. This sanctuary also features challenging enemies that can be hard to beat if you're not prepared.

However, the difficulty can vary depending on the skill of the player and the level of their characters and weapons. If you are having difficulty with a particular shrine, be sure to upgrade your characters and weapons before trying again. Also you can try to collaborate with other players online to face the challenge together.

And that's all, I hope I've been helpful. Let me know in the comments any other important information about the Liyue shrines that you think I missed.

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