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Every once in a while a game emerges that becomes a viral hit around the world. This is the case now with Among Us, a game that is sweeping mobile phones these weeks, being the title of the moment. Surely you have heard of this game or you may have already downloaded it to your phone.

Millions of players are already enjoying their games in Among Us. One aspect that many want to know is how to win your games as an imposter. Luckily, there are a series of tips or tricks that must be taken into account for this to be possible.

How Among Us works

Among Us

The first thing we need is to know more about the operation or concept of the game. In this case, we are in a spaceship with another group of users, between 4 and 10 in total. Between these players there is an imposter or murderer, that he is going to kill people in said ship, without the rest seeing him and knowing who said impostor is. Since this person moves with total freedom through all the corners in said spaceship.

When a new murderer is discovered, a round of discussion is held, where each user goes to be able to vote and say who you think the imposter is in this game. The most voted will have to leave the ship, but if it is the impostor, then the game ends. If it is not the imposter, voting will continue each time a body is discovered until it is known who this impostor is in Among Us.

In Among Us we find public games, where we can join and take part. In addition to games that we can create ourselves, or other users. In these games we can be the impostor, so that our task, in addition to killing, is that nobody will discover us, in order to win these games in the game. There are a number of tips or tricks that are helpful in achieving this.

How to be the impostor

Among us impostor

We're sorry to give bad news, but there is no method to be the imposter in the game. This is something that is decided randomly, so you may be lucky enough to be one game, or you may have to participate in many of them until you are finally assigned this role. It is a matter of luck, or bad luck.

In addition, There is nothing we can do in Among Us in order to become the impostor. We cannot influence the game in any way so that we are the ones to become this character. So we will simply have to enter games and wait for us to be the ones chosen to be the impostor.

On the Internet there are tricks that they say can help you to be the imposter. This is something false, as there is no way you are going to be able to influence the game to be the imposter. There are tricks to be able to win the games, yes, but there is no trick to be able to become the impostor in Among Us. So if you read something and think it might work, don't believe it.

Increase the chances of being an imposter

There is no cheat that we can use to be the impostor in a game in Among Us. Although there is one aspect that we must take into account and that is that there are games in which there are more impostors in a game. Namely, if you are looking for a game with 3 imposters, you are more likely to be the impostor in that game. But it is still somewhat random, but this method allows you to increase the odds effortlessly.

Tips for being an imposter in Among Us

If we finally become the impostor in the game, our goal is going to be to win the games. For this to be possible, you have to be very smart and play with a good strategy, so that we can be the winners. There are some tips that will be very helpful in this case.

Be cautious

Among Us starting acting cautiously to win

Play with your head when you are the impostor in Among Us, since we have to avoid raising suspicions. No one can see us committing murder, so you have to be very cautious. It is important that no one see us do anything strange, or enter or leave a ventilation slot, because this will already make us guilty.

In addition, avoid running too fast, because this will make others suspect us immediately. You have to act as if you were innocent and look busy, like you are doing another task. This can serve as an excuse when the voting round comes around and others accuse you of something.

As an imposter in Among Us we can also report when we find a body. Although this is something to be careful with, since if we are the first, it is usual that we are going to be suspected. It can happen on occasion, but it is not something that should be repeated, so we have to be attentive to it in all games.

Choose when to murder

Among Us kill and sabotage like tricks

Knowing when to murder is another key aspect to win games as an impostor in Among Us. Since it is important that nobody goes to see us, that is the key in all murders, because otherwise the game will last very little. There are a series of tips that should be known so that we are not caught or to choose the key moment when we are going to murder:

  • Kill fast at the beginning: If you kill quickly when the game starts, this is a good way to get several players out of the way without raising suspicions.
  • Take advantage of blunders: When a player begins to play, they may be somewhat clueless or left alone in a room. So, take advantage of those kinds of moments to kill someone.
  • Kill the smart ones: There are players who are especially smart, so it is best to kill those rapids, since this way you will be able to stay in Among Us for longer.
  • Be aware of suspicions: If in the debate and voting rounds there are people who consider you a suspect, stop killing for a while and try to divert attention to other players.
  • Hide well: You only have to kill if you are sure that no one is going to see you do it. If there is another player who sees you killing, then the cameras will glow red so that is a clear indicator.


Among us sabotage

One of the best options to make life difficult for the other crew members in Among Us is to sabotage. It gives us a good help to be able to win the games, so that nobody will be able to find out that you are that imposter. In this sense, there are several tips to keep in mind:

  • Block the way: It sabotages doors and thus locks players in some spaces for a time.
  • Create traps: If you sabotage a location and expect players to move in that direction, wait in corners or behind walls to kill them. Also actions such as turning off the lights or hacking communications create ideal moments to kill someone.
  • Sabotage games: In the game there are some critical failures, such as the reactor or the oxygen shutdown, which if not solved in time make you the winner in the game.
  • Hinders: If you prevent players from completing tasks, since you have sabotaged something, it is another good opportunity to win.
  • You solve the sabotage: To avoid creating suspicions among the rest, there are times when it is good that you are the one who solves said sabotage. So they will think that you are also a victim of it.


There are games in Among Us in which there are more impostors, you are not the only one in this regard. We can collaborate with the others, so that we will have a greater chance of winning that game. They can perform assassinations together, help sabotage and create chaos, or cover each other. These options can be a good help so that you are going to establish yourself as a winner.


Among Us impostor found

The ventilation slits in the shed are essential for imposters. We have to move through them, so that we can move in the ship very quickly. Since this allows us to move between all the spaces in that ship in the most efficient way possible.

Although there is something we must keep in mind, which we have mentioned before. It is necessary to avoid that someone see us enter or exit of one of those slits. Since if this happens, they will know that we are the impostor, so in the next vote they will expel us from the ship and it is the end of the game.


If you pretend to be performing tasks, like the rest of the users in this ship in Among Us, you are going to avoid being suspected. It is a good way to go unnoticed and thus be able to kill. This is something we can also do if someone has accused us and we want them to ignore us for a while and thus divert attention.

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