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Summer Time Saga

Summertime Saga is possibly one of the erotic games most popular all over the world. It is a game that seeks to be a kind of equivalent to Japanese visual novels. In it we have various plot lines, which revolve around sex and romance. It is a game that many like, but for which tricks are needed in some cases. That is why we have compiled a Summertime Saga guide.

In this Summertime Saga guide we leave you with information that will help you in the game. Tricks with which it is possible for you to advance in it. In this way you will be able to find answers to questions that you had and solve in this way some of the doubts about the game that many of you surely have.

Within the game there are various plots and stories, so it is good to know more about them and the way in which we have to move in them. Since this is what will determine our success in the game. If we know how we have to move in these plots or routes that are in it. Because there are some plots that are more important than others, so that way you will know what you should do in them.

Debby Route

Summertime Saga guide

Debbie is the woman we live with. In order to unlock this route in the game, we will need to have 5 Charisma Points and 150 Dollars. If we meet these two requirements, then unlocking is possible at all times. Debbie is a character that we are going to win by doing a series of tasks around the house or in the garden, so it is important to keep this in mind. Think of tasks like mowing the lawn, or making arrangements inside the house, such as the sink.

It is a somewhat long story within the game, an aspect that surely makes many get tired of this route or story in Summertime Saga, but in this guide we mention that it is an important story. Above all because we have a number of endings available in the same, which is precisely what interests us in this case. Since we have enough endings:

  • He goes into Debbie's room, looks in her underwear and plays on the bed.
  • The next day go with her to the mall. Offer her a necklace and go into the dressing room with her to kiss.
  • Come down to the kitchen the next day so I can teach you how to kiss.
  • The next day he spies on her in the shower.
  • Go to the car dealer the next day and pay the insurance.
  • The next day interact with Debbie's underwear, and when she asked you tell her that you like it.
  • Get out of the house and protect Debbie the next day.
  • He spies Debbie talking to Diane in the kitchen.
  • Go to the pool the next day and bring Debbie a towel.
  • Read the note on your computer the next day, go down to the basement with your clothes and enjoy.

Jenny's Route

Just like Debby, Jenny's is one of the longest routes that we have in the game. Although every Summertime Saga guide should talk about this route, since it is another of the most important we have. Jenny is another of the women with whom we live or share a house. It's a long story, but it's going to give us a series of different endings. In addition, Jenny is a person that we are going to have to please with gifts, especially erotic toys.

To unlock this route, you have to meet some requirements in the game. In the case of Jenny's route, it is the following: Have 5 Intelligence points and 7 Strength points, get at least 2060 dollars and a computer. Thanks to them we will be able to take part in it. It is a route where we have various scenes that will give us the opportunity to have a good time with her:

  • Wait two days and find Jenny in the living room. It's time to use the Pink Channel (User: L6BV12R, Pass: 12345).
  • Jenny will wake you up the next morning.
  • Find her the morning after that breakfast.
  • The next day he uses the telescope.
  • Go to the salon the next day, where you will find it. Look for his old uniform in the attic. Avoid getting her pregnant.
  • On Saturday go to the movies with Jenny.
  • The next day you will see Jenny in the dining room and enjoy some scenes in the shower.
  • Three days later he talks to her in the hallway.
  • The next day read her diary again and buy her what she needs at the mall (a necklace in this case).

Diane Route in Summertime Saga

Another important character in Summertime Saga, who cannot be missing from any game guide, is Diane. It's about our neighbor, so it is a character that we have close at all times in the game. He is a character that we will have to help at certain times with some tasks, which is what will lead to a series of interesting scenes. We are facing a faster story, which is why it is one of the favorites of many users.

To unlock this route in the game, we will have to meet these requirements: 400 dollars, have 2 strength points and a subscription to the Library. Once we fulfill them, we can enter this route in the game. As we have mentioned, we are going to have to perform tasks for Diane in the game, such as in the garden, as well as delivery. Also, at a certain time we will live together as well.

It is one of the shorter stories we have in Summertime SagaYou can see it in any guide. In addition, it has some somewhat twisted stories or plots, but that will lead us to a series of crazy scenes. But it does not present too many complications, so it will be something more entertaining at all times, a route that nobody wants to miss in this game.

Mia and Helen's Route

Mia and Helen are two characters that we cannot separate in this case, since their stories go hand in hand in the game. Mia is the closest thing to a girlfriend that you will find in the game, so she is a person of importance. Helen is Mia's mom, but of course Summertime Saga wouldn't be the game that it is if we don't have a romance with her as well. So we're also going to have a story with his mother in this case.

Mia is someone that we are going to conquer by studying with her, but then we are going to have this romance with her mother as well. This will certainly have consequences on your relationship with Mia, who you will then have to help reunite with the family again. If you want to unlock this route in the game, you have to have this: At least $1670, 2 Strength Points, 7 Charisma Points, and Library Subscription. Once you have this, you are ready to carry out this route in the game.

Therefore, first you will have to conquer Mia, who will be a girlfriend (or the closest thing to her that you are going to have), before meeting her family and having that relationship with the mother, with Helen. In addition, Sister Angelica will also play a leading role in the story. So it promises to be one of the most interesting stories that we find in this game.

Route of Ms Johnson & June

Summer Time Saga

Another of the most important routes that we find in Summertime Saga, which cannot be missing from a guide. As many of you already know, Ms Johnson is the lady of Erik's house, with whom we are going to be able to have a romance based on doing yoga exercises. Although there will come a time when it becomes necessary to make decisions, and based on this choice we will be able to achieve romance with her or with other characters. While June was going to be Erik's girlfriend, but as you can see, the story takes a slightly different direction.

If we want to unlock this route in the game, it is something that we can do if we have 5 Charisma Points, a computer, a subscription to the Library and 1350 dollars. So it is important to check if we comply with them, so that this interesting route or plot is unlocked within the game. One of the keys in this route is that we can make different types of decisions, something that will have an influence on the way it progresses.

Since we can convince June to be Erik's girlfriend, for example, but we can also end up making it not so, if we continue to have relationships with her. So depending on what we want to do in this regard, we can change the decisions at all times in this plot in Summertime Saga. It is one of the most interesting stories, so it is worth it, despite being a bit long for many users in the game.

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