How to make the enchantment table in Minecraft? by steps

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The enchantment table in Minecraft will help us generate all kinds of more durable tools, more effective weapons, safer armor, tubes among other characteristics. This enchantment table is not difficult to make, but we are going to need rare objects that are a little more complicated to obtain. How can we create an enchantment table? What is it for?

Minecraft is a very extensive game, with a variety of materials, objects, creatures, and tools.. This gives the user the possibility to be creative and use everything around him for new creations. The user, at the same time, is motivated to explore and search for new materials to continue creating. The video game is very complete for players who like to create and build a world from scratch. In order to continue building in this world, we must create an enchantment table, and that's what we'll talk about today.

How do you use an enchantment table?

Minecraft enchantments

The main purpose of the table is enchant any item, although we cannot enchant the scissors, the rein, the lighter and the horse armor. Creation of the enchantment table early in the game is recommended, because it helps us to progress faster. The enchantment to these objects is done in exchange for experience and lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli has the same level of rarity as diamond, although the depth range is less predictable and makes it difficult to locate. With respect to experience, it is easier to obtain it, since it is obtained by doing the activities in this world. The best way to get experience is in the Nether, chipping quartz that is in the ground.

The enchantment table performs the enchantments randomly, where we can select one of 3 enchantments, the last one being the most powerful. We can only select the most powerful enchantment if we have enchantment level 30, so we must have all 15 libraries.

types of enchantment

There are different types of enchantment for each type of item you want to enchant. Armor can gain Protection, Fire Protection, Water Affinity, Frost Step, Curse of Bindings, Soul Speed, Breath, and more. We can grant thrust, punishment, edge, sweep and others to the sword. So, we can assign different enchantments to different types of objects. Each type of enchantment has a different effect on the applied item.


The effects of the swords, for example, determine the speed of the attack, more damage to certain creatures or more loot after attacking. The armors can be assigned greater protection to certain attacks or in general, greater speed of movement in the water or on land. At the peak, we can provide you with greater efficiency in mining or greater fortune, among others. In general, we can attribute unbreakable characteristics to objects.

At the enchantment table, we can apply only one enchantment to each item. If we want to apply 2 enchantments to the same object, we must merge it on the anvil and sacrifice an object to repair the one we want.

How to make an enchantment table?

To create an enchantment table, we must have various hard-to-obtain materialsalthough not impossible. Would 4 obsidian blocks, 2 diamonds and 1 book, but how can we get these materials?

  • Book: The book is the easiest material to obtain to create this tool. Lor we can get from chests in different places, we also get 3 books when we destroy a bookstore without silk touch or by explosion. We can also create this object, but how do we create it? Simple, with paper and leather. Leather is obtained from cows and paper from sugar cane.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are a bit more complicated to obtain and we only have one way to get it. The diamonds are found in the underground areas, so we have to dig to obtain them. Although we can get diamonds by exploring caves, but it will take more time and it is much more dangerous. The layer with the most possibilities of finding diamonds is Y-16 to Y-59, the closer we are to the Y-59 layer, the more likely to find.
  • Obsidian: Obsidian is obtained naturally or by generating it, since it is obtained from the mixture of lava with water. The most complicated thing about this stone is when extracting it, because we will need a diamond pick to do so.

enchantment table how to make

After obtaining the materials, we are ready to create the enchantment table. We must bear in mind that the enchantment table gets the level of the enchantments of the bookstores that we should position around this table. To get the maximum level of enchantment we must have a maximum of 15 libraries, but how can we get the libraries?

How can we get the libraries?

Libraries are blocks that allow you to increase the level of enchantments. The bookstores we can get them in the libraries of the villages and sometimes in the houses. Strongholds can contain up to 2 libraries, these libraries can be 161 bookstores or 233. Bookstores can also spawn in some rooms of the forest mansion. The bookcase can be created from 6 wooden boards and 3 books.

How do we position the bookcases around the enchanting table?

Minecraft enchantments

After having the library, we must learn to position the libraries around the enchantment table.

The bookstores must be positioned one block away from the enchantment tables and we must always avoid placing any object between them. Taking into account that there must be 15 bookcases, we can position them around the table and leave a space to enter this place. We can have one bookcase on top of another, avoiding taking up a lot of space in the room that we have made for its use.

Players with a passion for exploration and construction can find treasure in Minecraft and its infinite world. There are many guides on the internet about this game and you can still discover something new by experimenting with all the objects or exploring this overwhelming world. That's all for today, let me know in the comments if you've used the enchantment table and what you think.

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