Lectern in Minecraft, what is it for? How is it done?


Among the infinite actions that we can perform in Minecraft, those related to the lectern are quite interesting. And that's exactly what we'll talk about today. let me tell you how to create a lectern in Minecraft (or where to find it) and everything you can do with it.

Minecraft is still a game with millions of players every day. Hundreds of videos of people making something up in the game come out on YouTube every day. And that's it minecraft grace, who they have created so many things and have given opportunity to so much invention, that there is still a lot of content to be created. This has perhaps been the great key to its success, that you can do practically anything. Let's not underestimate that many content creators have felt trapped by the game, and have taken it as material for a lot of content.

But let's get back to today's topic, the lectern.

Un Lectern is a support where you can place a book and it is inclined towards your face. This in order to be able to read it easily. The most common use of a lectern in real life is in religious liturgies, although they can also be found in any type of event that requires a speaker or announcer.

Lectern in Minecraft What uses does it have?

lectern minecraft

This item went toadded in the Village & Pillage update, released in 2019, which was focused on villager renovations. Its main function is that it allows you to read books, and it also gives a villager the profession of librarian. But let's elaborate a bit How useful is a music stand really?

To read

The operation is very simple. Place any book on the lectern. Now you can read it just by right clicking about this. This book can be read by many people at the same time, unlike if you had it in your inventory, which could only be read by you.

To give the librarian profession to a villager

You leave a lectern near a villager with no stance already designated. What would you do this for? Well you should know that you should have a librarian villager nearby. These can be a good pair to exchange enchanted books.

To send redstone signals

This is a bit for more advanced users, but if you set up the redstone circuit correctly, you can put some kind of trap or mechanism when the book is opened, or when a certain page is reached.

How to make a lectern in Minecraft

To make the lectern we need 4 wooden slabs and a bookcase. Now let's see how to get the two ingredients.

wooden slabs

To get the wooden tiles, head to the workbench and place three blocks of wood. This will be enough to get 6 slabs, which is even more than you need.

The wooden block is the most common in the game. It is obtained by passing the logs that you obtain directly from the trees through a workbench or through your inventory



The bookstore takes a bit more work, you will need to create books first. The bookstore recipe consists of 3 books (in line in the middle row) and 6 wooden blocks occupying the rest of the work table in the upper and lower rows.

Well, here we can safely say that the most complicated part is the book, so let's see how to do it.

To create a book you need 3 sheets of paper and leather.

  • How to get the part: Go to the beach or to the bank of a river, there you will find sugar cane. You can make 3 sheets of paper by placing 3 sugar canes horizontally on the work table. Remember that these 3 sheets of paper are what you need to make the book, so you will need 9 sheets of paper to make the 3 books you need to make the lectern.
  • How to get the leather: In Minecraft you can get leather directly from cows, horses, donkeys and llamas. Another option is to make leather from 4 rabbit skins. Choose the way that is closest to your hand to obtain leather.

craft book

How do we make the lectern?

Let's summarize everything you had to do to get a music stand

  1. Paper: go to the beach or the bank of a river, here you can get sugar cane. You will need to nine sugar canes to create 9 sheets of paper, do it on the workbench.
  2. Leather: get leather sacrificing the animals mentioned.
  3. Book: Create a book on the construction table, place three sheets of paper in the top row, place a leather in the left square of the center row. You already have your book, remember that you need 3.
  4. Bookstore: Go to the workbench, place 3 books in the center row, fill the bottom and top with 6 wooden blocks.
  5. wooden slabs: Place 3 wooden blocks on the workbench and you will get 6 wooden tiles.
  6. Lectern: Go to the workbench, place the bookstore in the center, then place the wooden slabs so that you write a T. Finally, you already have your lectern.

how to make minecraft lectern

Other information that might interest you

The type of wood you use will determine the final appearance of your creations. You can have different colored music stands if you use different types of wood to create them.

How do I make the workbench?

The workbench is a key item at any time in Minecraft, you can hardly do anything without it. If you don't know how to do it, I'll explain it to you in a very simple way.

  1. Get four wooden blocks in the forest, not logs.
    • When you chop down a tree you get logs, going through your inventory will turn them into blocks.
  2. Place all 4 blocks in your inventory.
  3. Done, you can take out your work table from the product box.
We recommend leaving the workbench near your Respawn point, as it is a super important item in the game.

Where to find a ready-made music stand

in some villages you can find libraries with their respective lectern. But it's not something very common, you could spend a whole day looking for it and have no luck.

And that's all, I hope I've been helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

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