How to make a rope in Minecraft? Animals you can link


In Minecraft, the skills that predominate are mental agility and practice in the game. If it's your first time, you'll be learning, seeing guides, and it will take a long time to settle in perfectly; on the other hand, when you have experience, you will build a base in a matter of minutes. With practice, players learn to make different tools and perform various activities that facilitate survival. Today we will see how to make a rope in Minecraft.

The effect it has had on the world the open world, mining and construction game it has not been little. The updates, mods and DLC keep adding content to the game so that hardcore gamers don't get bored. Apparently there is no limit to creativity within this immense procedurally self-generated open world. Few video games can boast a community as strong as Minecraft, with a global player base.

How to make the rope in Minecraft?

minecraft spider

Minecraft has an infinite number of objects and elements. We can use these elements to make new objects and tools that can be very useful. The rope is a very useful object and quite simple to create. To create a rope we will need 2 very easy to obtain materials, a ball of slime and 4 threads. How can we get these items?

  • Slime Ball: A slime ball is a crafting ingredient that is often dropped by slimes and that baby pandas can sneeze. We can get this slime ball killing the slimes that can drop 0 to 2 balls. We can also get slime balls through the peddlers in exchange for 4 emeralds.
  • Thread: The thread can be obtained very easily as well. are obtained killing cats and spiders, in these cases, we can get from 0 to 2 threads. There is a way to spawn thread infinitely, creating a thread farm. The maximum amount of thread increases as the level of the Loot enchantment increases, reaching up to 5 threads at Loot level 3. In all jungle temples, we can find 5 activating thread blocks.

Does the thread, by itself, serve any purpose?

The thread can be very important for the manufacture of different components. The bow and the fishing rod and we are going to need them several times, because they can break. We can also make wool, although it can be obtained directly from sheep. We can also use the thread to assemble the pigs, we only have to have a carrot and a stick.

Rope recipe, with thread and slime

how to make rope in minecraft

After obtaining the threads and the slime ball we proceed to manufacture the rope, we must introduce it into the crafting table for its manufacture. The slime ball must be positioned in the center.

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. 2 first threads are positioned in the first and second quadrants of the first row. We position the other two in the first quadrant of the second row and in the last quadrant of the last row.. From this crafting we will receive 2 ropes.

What can we use the rope for? How does the rope work in Minecraft?

minecraft slime

Ropes are tools that can be used to bind passive and neutral animals, golems and some monsters. The rope (also called a rein) will be attached to a creature, allowing the player to take it wherever they want. We can have several creatures at the same time, but we will need several reins. The creatures that we cannot bind are the bat, the villager and the hostile creatures, although it can be modified with an external editor that allows us to do so.

After tying the creature with the rope, we can left click on a fence to tie him to it and can't escape. Multiple creatures can be tethered and must not go more than 5 blocks. When we use the action button on the creature, hit the knot on the fence or remove the fence itself, we can pick up the rope. The rope can be stretched up to 10 blocks until it breaks.

When we tie a creature with a rope, we are preventing it from disappearing. If users have a rope attached to an animal and we enter an underworld portal, when we return, the creature will still be tied. However, if the creature is the one that enters the portal, the rope breaks and it will appear as a resource in the other dimension.

What creatures can be roped?

horse bound rope minecraft

As we have already said, many creatures can be bound with a rope. These creatures may be horses, wolves, sheep, pigs, cows, mushrooms, chickens and squids, we can also link the iron and snow golems. Villagers can no longer be linked since version 1.6.2 as they could be linked in multiplayer as it required 2 players to do so. Bats are the only passive creatures that cannot be tied to a rope.

Squids that naturally disappear will continue to disappear, even when tethered, unless they are renamed with a tag.. We can use the rope to ride a horse in deep water. Something very useful, since the horses cannot be mounted more than 2 blocks deep in the water. Hostile creatures cannot be linked, although many players have modified the region from the world save file.

Creatures can be held suspended by ropes if the fence they are tied to is 7 blocks high.. The suspension method can be a solution to prevent the creature from moving when it is attached. This can cause the creature to die due to taking damage from a fall. If any creature is tied to a rope and then killed, the knot will still exist.

The rope may seem like a very simple tool, but it is very useful in the adventures we go on every day. If we want our most defenseless animals to be well controlled, we must use a rope. And how do we control them? Well We can gather them in a safer area or manage them in our village.

And that's all for today, let me know in the comments if there are other ways to get rope and if we can use it for something else.

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