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The Minecraft game offers us an almost infinite world to explore and exploit to the fullest. For that same reason, it is not strange that from time to time a device to see well in the distance comes in handy. And with this function, there is an object in Minecraft: the spyglass. In today's article, we will see how to make a spyglass in minecraft, and also how to use it.

The gaming market is vast for good reason, gamers like to vary and play different games. In addition, the community gamer it is really heterogeneous from its bowels. In this context, Minecraft has managed to fully exploit its almost infinite open world mechanics to explore linked to construction.

Minecraft has taken this open world thing to new limits, giving gamers Gamers something that had never existed before, a totally collapsible world, in which you can always go further down, and you can always know what is behind everything; also linked to the creation of objects and buildings from the resources you find.

What are the glasses for?

Materials and recipe to craft a spyglass in Minecraft

But back to today's important topic, why do you need to know how to make a spyglass in Minecraft? Well, the utility of the spyglass can be considerably high. Many times you will create a base style in a specific location, but you will go out exploring and walk away. At some point you will surely want to return to your base because there you have some resources, but you find yourself disoriented, you don't know where it is. This is when the spyglass is especially useful.

How to use it to find your base?

  1. equip it
  2. Preferably climb to a very high point so you can have better vision. If you are in the middle of a plain, or you don't see the possibility of going up, do it by putting blocks under you.
    • This strategy is best complemented if previously you prepared your base by putting some high and striking point on it.
  3. Focus the spyglass by tapping any click, and you can get a closer look at your surroundings. Try to find your base or some reference point.

It should be noted that the spyglass doesn't only work to find your far base. Practically It is used for any situation in which you need to orient yourself better or zooming in can be useful.

spyglass how to make minecraft

How to make a spyglass in Minecraft?

To make the spyglass you need only 2 ingredients: copper (2 ingots) and amethyst (1 fragment).

To find the copper you will have to go mining. It is a fairly basic material so you don't need a very advanced pickaxe, a stone pickaxe or better will do.

So, you will find copper in any mine, you just have to explore a lot and you will surely find copper ores. But this copper that you get is of no use to you, you have to go to the furnace, place copper with a fuel and you will get copper ingots. Copper ingots are exactly what you need to set up your spyglass. But first let's talk about amethyst.

The amethyst is also going to have to dig a lot and go deep enough to get it, but hey, that's what Minecraft is about, right? If you mine a lot and explore a lot, you'll probably end up with an amethyst cave. Amethyst caves are just like what you see in the picture.

Amethyst in Minecraft Cliffs and Caves: how they are used and where to find them | hobbyconsoles

Your goal inside the amethyst cave is the crystals, try to chop the biggest ones, any pick will do.

And ready.

Now that you have the Amethyst Shard and the 2 Copper Ingots, head over to the crafting table. On the work table, place the amethyst at the top in the center, and just below the 2 copper ingots, as shown in the image. Finally, you can calmly pick up your spyglass from the product box.

The compass, another idea to guide you

Since we are trying to orient ourselves better, you should know that you can also make a compass. A compass will always point towards your spawn point. This is another very good way to orient yourself and never get lost in Minecraft. You will never lose the base again.

If you want to be a good explorer, it is best that you take the compass and the spyglass with you, so you can link both and get the most out of both.

If the way the compass works is not completely useful to you already, you might consider modifying it. For that you will need to remagnetize it with a block of magnetite, you can remagnetize a compass so that it stops pointing your respawn point and points to the lodestone block that he has remagnetized it.

If you are more interested in magnetite and want to know how it is made, I recommend this article. But keep in mind, you will need netherite, the most coveted material in the game, and perhaps the most difficult to obtain.

And well, this has been all, I hope you already know how to make a spyglass in Minecraft and everything you can do with it. Please let me know any questions you may have in the comments.

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