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Clash Royale has been known to turn into a game hugely popular all over the world. It is a game that we can access from various platforms, another reason why it is popular. Something that many users want to know when playing is to be able to guess what your next chest will be in Clash Royale. Many want to know if this is even possible.

Knowing which chest you are going to get in a game like this is something that can make your life much easier. In addition to having an influence on the strategy that you are going to follow or on your next actions. Fortunately, it is possible to know what will be the next chest that you get in Clash Royale. There are tricks with which this is possible.

Therefore, we are going to tell you more about this topic below. Since it is something that interests users in the title of Supercell. In addition, you will be able to see that the way in which this can be done is something really simple. Thus, in those moments in which you want to know this information, you will be able to do it in a few seconds.

How to know the chest that will touch you in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Chests

The game does not have this feature natively. Namely, within Clash Royale there is no way to know which one It will be the next chest that will touch us. So when we want to be able to access this information, we are going to have to resort to third-party tools. The good news is that we have options in this regard that will make it possible. In addition to being something within the reach of any player in this game.

There is a website where we can have this information that we are looking for. So in a matter of a few seconds we will be able to see the next chest that will touch us in the game. As we have mentioned, this is information that can be very helpful. Since it can help us determine the next actions that we are going to carry out, if we know what awaits us in that next chest that will touch us.

what is there to do

This website we are talking about is Stats Royale, which may sound familiar to some of you. It is a website where we can have access to all kinds of data and information about the game, so we can also use it for this. We will also be able to use it to know what will be that next chest that will touch us in Clash Royale. So we're going to have to go into this web page, something we can do on any of our devices.

At the top of the web page we can see that there is a box where we can write something. In this box appears Tag #XXXXXX and here we must write our player code in the game. By entering this information, the web page will then show us which is the next chest that will touch us. We already have that data that we were looking for in this case, very easy to get, as you can see.

The player code is something that we can find under our alias in the game. Once we have entered this code on the web, it is normal to be asked to update the profile. We do this and next is when we can see a series of data on the screen. they show us statistics about our account in Clash Royale, as you can imagine. There is an option in this list of information about the account that is the one that interests us.

It's all about chest rotation. In this option, in addition to seeing the chests that are going to touch you immediately, the most outstanding ones are also shown, such as the Legendary and Mega Lightning chests. Just below each chest will appear the number of them that you will have to unlock before they will rotate. So you already have this information and know how long you have to wait until this happens.

Chest Cycle

Clash Royale chest cycle

The cycle of chests in Clash Royale it is something of importance for users and it is something that we must take into account. Every time we win a game within the game we are going to win a chest, this is something that is already known. Although this only happens as long as you don't have all four chest slots filled, if so, then you don't win that chest. The chests that are obtained after each victory are those that are part of this specific cycle. They are not high level, but it is good to know what awaits us in this regard.

In the photo above you can see the normal cycle of chests within the game. This is the standard cycle, so it will be the same for all players. A normal chest cycle within Clash Royale is made up of 180 silver, 52 gold, 4 magical and 4 giant chests, with a total of 240 chests in it. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the order in which these chests come out is always the same. Of course, as we have already mentioned, this cycle will not progress if you have full chest slots.

When you level up the king to level 10 and up, the normal cycle of the chests will be altered. When this happens, you will see that some silver and gold chests will no longer be part of the cycle, but others will then be exchanged for gold boxes of different types. These boxes are one of the best ways to get a large amount of gold coins. So this is something that is also going to have a big influence on the cycle of the future.

special cycles

Clash Royale Chests

We have already mentioned the normal cycle of the chests, but there is another one that we must know or take into account in the game. This is the cycle of the special chests. This is something that it will happen if you have already exceeded the 300 trophies barrier. If this happens, you will start receiving other types of chests randomly. In fact, 300 trophies is also the same requirement to unlock Arena 2. It is a cycle that is somewhat complex or confusing for many users. Therefore, it is good to know more about how it works.

  • The special chest cycle has a 500 chest extension of the cycle normal. The special cycle starts again when you have received 500 chests from the normal cycle.
  • Upon reaching the 300 trophies, you will be able to randomly win a chest mega lightning each special cycle, as we have mentioned before.
  • At 1000 trophies (Arena 4) and 2000 trophies (Arena 7), you will also be able to get chests epic y legendary.
  • You will be able to receive from the three special chests and, if you get an epic or legendary, the next chest that touches you will always be a mega lightning chest.
  • Upon reaching the king level 10 or higher, will also appear real joker chests in that cycle. These chests only give you gold coins and wildcards. When you reach king level 14, you will receive a Champion quality card.

The special chest cycle is definitely something of interest, because we have more types of chests. It is no longer just the normal chests that we mentioned before, but we have some of the more special types, which leave us with much more valuable or interesting rewards. So it's good to know that this awaits us, as long as we get to those higher levels that we've told you about now.

buy chests

As you know, in Clash Royale we are given the possibility to buy some chests. This is something that many users do, because then they do not have to wait for certain cycles of chests to have a specific one. While it is understandable that some do this, it is a significant waste of money. Keep in mind that these chests are quite expensive in the game itself. If it is something specific, you only do it once, for example, there may be no problems, but it is not something that should be taken as a certain routine.

The cycle remains unchanged at all times, no matter what level you are at. Either the normal chest cycle or the special one. It is better not to buy chests. If we have a huge amount of gemstones at some point, we can buy the chest without paying money ourselves. But the prices are expensive 21.99 euros in the case of legendary chests. So this is a cost that many users may not want to incur.

So it is better to win many games in Clash Royale and thus be able to win chests without stopping in the game. Also, as you level up you will see how there is more variety of chests and much better rewards can be won at all times within the game.

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