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Coin Master It is a very popular game, which has been known to maintain. Many of you may have played at some point. Or you may be thinking of giving it a try. If you are thinking of starting to play, we leave you below with a series of tricks to keep in mind.

These tricks will allow you advance in the best possible way in Coin Master, so that you can take your first steps in a better way. This way you will be able to defeat your rivals in the game and obtain better rewards, because strategy also plays a determining role.

Get collectible cards

Coin Master trading cards

Trading cards are valuable items in Coin Master , because they give us good rewards when we find a certain amount of them. These cards are classified into three categories (gold, silver and bronze). The most valuable cards are the most complex to find in the game. Although there are several places where we can find these cards, in order to have access to rewards.

  • Safes: This is the most effective way to obtain new cards, although we must invest in chests from the Card Booom event, where we have special cards, which are more valuable and give access to rewards that are better.
  • Ask your friends for help: It is another method to obtain cards, although in this case we can only obtain silver cards. We can send up to 5 letters to a friend, so if you agree with a friend, you can help each other to advance in the game.
  • Viking quest event: It is an event that can go unnoticed by many, but it is one of the most interesting to obtain cards, although for this to happen you have to go through all the steps indicated in that event.

Damaged buildings in Coin Master

Coin Master attack buildings

In the betting machines in the game, we can get three figures from a hammer. If we get this, it assumes that we will be able to attack another player's village in Coin Master. Before attacking, you have to take into account if said player has a shield or not, because if you use one, we will earn much less money (just 50.000 coins) and this shield cannot be avoided. We are therefore interested that the enemy does not have a shield.

If said enemy does not have a shield, we can earn a lot of money with our attack. But it is likely that many do not know where to start when carrying out an attack of this type. It is best to check if any buildings are damaged or have already been destroyed. If there are any, attack that one, because they tend to be the ones with the most coins, and which are often forgotten by many users.

When carrying out attacks on Coin Master, it is best to attack houses or monuments, in general. Since they are usually the ones with the most coins for us.

Get extra spins

These betting machines, also called spin machines in many cases, are an essential part in Coin Master. What we are interested in is having additional spins, in order to continue winning prizes and rewards, which will help us in the game.

There are two ways to get extra spins at the maximum. We can get spins with shields, although you have to enter Coin Master frequently, to avoid being attacked and spend shields. If you have three accumulated shields and you get a quarter on the spin machine, the shield will automatically transform into an additional spin.

Power pods are another method of getting extra spins. By getting three capsules in the spin machine, you can get up to ten additional spins. Getting this combination is very rare, but it can happen.

When buying chests

Coin Master Chest Cheat

Buying chests on Coin Master is a good opportunity that we must take into account, since depending on what is in said chest, we can obtain some rewards that will be of help and will allow us to advance in the best possible way. Here are some tips:

  • Last letter in the chest: Look at the last card in the chest and count its stars. If it has 1 or 2 stars, buy a wooden one. If you have 3 you have to buy gold and if you have between 4 and 5, buy a magic one. Doing this will allow us to obtain new cards, which will help us in the game.
  • Levels: When leveling up in Coin Master, build everything in your village with 2 stars each and start buying chests then.
  • Safes: Buy 20 chests of each type.

Two finger trick in Coin Master

It is a little known trick in the game, but it can be very helpful. If you've dug two holes somewhere and they both had coins, then touch the two remaining holes at the same time. Hold both down for a second, if there is one of them that has coins in it then it's going to dig and you get a perfect raid this way.

It is important to place your fingers level with each other and play quickly. If you are too slow you don't get the desired response and then you don't get that perfect foray we were looking for.

Choose well where you raid and dig

Coin Master choose dig site

When the three pigs come out in a run, you are given the opportunity to raid another player's village in Coin Master. This can allow us to earn a lot of money, although it depends on the amount of coins in that village. There are four marked points on the map, but there are only three where we can search.

One of those four has no coins, which makes the choice not always easy. Although there is a trick that can be of help, since the most advisable thing is to dig in those sites near buildings. It is not that it is 100% proven, but it is usually in these sites where we find the largest amounts of coins. So we can earn a lot of money in this regard by choosing the site to dig well.

This trick we owe combine with the one we have mentioned of the two fingers. This will allow raiding villages in Coin Master to be very effective and allow us to earn a large amount of coins.

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