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Brawl Stars has become one of the most popular games in the past year. In the game we find a series of characters that have a special role. These characters will probably sound familiar to you, if you have ever played this game on your devices. Next we are going to tell you everything we need to know about these characters, which will help you in this case.

If you have played or plan to play Brawl Stars, this information will help you, to get to know these characters better and thus know what we can expect from them when we go to play. A good introduction to the world of this game.


Crow brawl stars

Crow is one of the best known characters in Brawl Stars, which you have surely heard of on occasion. This character bases his attack system on the poison he applies to his enemies. Thanks to this system, he is progressively damaging his enemies, a somewhat slower, but effective way.

Throw three poisoned knives in a fan, this is their attack and way of operating. In addition, he is a character that stands out for being very fast, which is a way to compensate for the low direct damage impact he has, in addition to being a character that has little life. The advantage of Crow is that the more poison he applies, the faster his health bar will drop.

  • Class: Toxic killer.
  • Health: 2400.
  • Reach: 7.33.
  • Basic damage: 280 (for each knife).
  • Attack: Crow launches into the air firing his knives during takeoff and landing.


Leon Brawl Stars

Leon is seen by many as the best character in Brawl Stars. He's a boy in a chameleon costume who has the ability to become invisible completely before his enemies. When he does this, he launches a series of projectiles at this enemy at a short distance, with great speed as well.

This system allows Leon to be very effective, since he launches many projectiles at a very short distance, that will cause more damage to the enemy, especially how many more projectiles hit the opponent. It causes more damage than others like Crow for example, because its attack is more direct and based on doing the most damage possible.

  • Class: Stealthy murderer.
  • Health: 3200
  • Basic damage: 500 per shell.
  • Attack: Leon becomes invisible and approaches his enemies from behind and then launches his projectiles at them.
  • Speed ​​of movement: 820


Spike Brawl Stars

Spike is another of the best known and popular in Brawl Stars. This is a long-range character, which has the ability to contain and slow multiple enemies at the same time. This is possible thanks to the fact that it launches spike balls, which can not only damage the enemy, but can detonate when touching other targets, thus increasing the damage they cause.

What Spike does is create a field of thorns, which will deal damage to the enemy who passes it. Also, this field will slow down the enemy, because if they don't want to take damage, they won't advance. This can give Spike a strategic advantage to prepare other attacks, for example.

  • Class: Sniper.
  • Health: 2400
  • Basic damage: 480
  • Super attack: Spike creates a field of thorns that will slow the enemy or deal damage if they cross it.
  • Speed ​​of movement: 720

Other characters in Brawl Stars

In addition to these three, we meet many other characters in Brawl Stars, which may not be as well known or popular. For this reason, we tell you more about each of them, so that you know more about them and what we can expect from them in the game, in terms of attacks or damage they cause.



Shelly is a character that we got at the beginning in Brawl Stars. It is one of the most balanced characters in the game, because his values ​​in attack and defense are just as good, making him a very useful character. His weapon is a shotgun that fires five posts on each shot that is fired.

If we shoot an enemy at a short distance, the damage caused is relatively high. Shelly is therefore a good character in Brawl Stars when it comes to finishing off enemies. It is not the fastest, but it moves well when we have to attack.


Nita Brawl Stars character

Nita is a character that is unlocked by getting 15 trophies in Brawl Stars. He is a quite powerful character, who has the ability to call his powerful bear into battle, to help us in combat, causing enormous damage. Since this bear can deal 400 damage with each claw, so it allows you to finish quickly with the enemies. In addition, for each attack of the bear, Nita recovers health.


Colt brawl stars

This character we get by getting 60 trophies. He is a character that has two pistols, which has the ability to cause a lot of damage to other enemies in Brawl Stars. The main problem he faces is that he has low health, so in some fights he can lose quickly. Although it is very fast and if we use it well it causes a lot of damage.


Bull brawl stars

If we win 250 trophies in Brawl Stars we unlock Bull. He has a shotgun like the one Shelly has, which deals quite a bit of damage, in his case firing from a medium distance. He is a character who has the ability to take a lot of damage, so this resistance comes in handy, and also because it recharges quickly when needed.


Jessie brawl stars

When let's get 500 trophies unlock to this character. He is a character who uses a tower to harm his enemies. This allows him to be a good character when attacking other characters, although he is not a character that deals too much damage in general, but this move serves to slow down his enemies.


Brock brawl stars

If we have achieved 1000 trophies, so we get Brock in Brawl Stars. This character has the ability to do a lot of damage, thanks to his missiles. If we aim well with them, we can do a lot of damage to enemies. They also serve to destroy terrain or cause it to ignite, causing damage to any enemy that will pass through that area.


Dynamike Brawl Stars

This character is unlocked by getting 2.000 trophies in the game. It is a character that is dedicated to throwing sticks of dynamite to the enemies, causing a lot of damage if we get them to hit the enemy. In addition, the shock wave of the explosions that its attacks cause allow it to jump a short distance and thus overcome obstacles that are on the way, therefore, it can serve us at times when there are obstacles that we do not overcome.


Bo brawl stars

Last character that we can unlock by winning trophies in Brawl Stars, in this case by winning 3.000 trophies. This character drop some explosive mines that they are invisible to their enemies, that they explode quite quickly. This is an attack that causes a lot of damage, especially if the enemy is close. He also stands out for being a character that takes damage well.

El primo

The cousin

He is one of the characters with the most health in Brawl Stars, making it resist the attacks of others well. He does not use any weapon, but instead attacks with his fists, which means that enemies have to be close to fight them, to cause damage. But he is a character who generates a lot of damage with his blows.


Little Brawl Stars

This kind of mariachi stands out for its versatility, because it covers many distances with its attacks. It launches waves that cause damage to enemies at various distances, and can be used in all kinds of situations. One of the great advantages of this character is that can heal himself and his companions at key moments.


Barley brawl stars

He is a very curious character, because it does not cause direct damage to its enemies. What it does is impregnate the ground with a liquid that then causes harm to anyone who steps on it. Although it also has a special attack that allows you to drop explosive bottles, which will set the ground on fire. He is a good character to slow down your enemies in Brawl Stars.


Darryl character

This character has two double barrel shotguns both. This allows go to cause great damage to your enemies, especially if you shoot these enemies up close. It also stands out for having a large amount of life, which will allow us to use it in many battles and it will hold up well.


Rico Brawl Stars

This is a very curious character within Brawl Stars. It doesn't have much health, so it doesn't hold up too much, nor does it have particularly powerful or damaging attacks. What stands out the most is that their attacks have the ability to bounce, so when they bounce off something they charge up and increase their speed and can do more damage.


Penny brawl stars

He is a healing character, who has zero utility in ranged combat. His machine gun spits bullets, but the accuracy is very bad. Therefore, it can be useful against groups of enemies, causing damage and dispersion. The best thing about her is her great health and ability to heal peers and allies at all times.


Penny brawl stars

Penny is a long-range character, intended for ranged attacks in Brawl Stars. What it does is throw its money bags at the enemies. If one touches the enemy, it explodes and a lot of coins are shot out, dealing damage to other enemies as well. He is a good character to use against groups of enemies.


Piper brawl stars

Another long distance character, which in your case, the further away you are from your enemies, the more damage you will do. Throw some grenades with great range and power and when throwing them he jumps, to then move away. It does not have much health, but thanks to the damage it causes with its attacks, it is a good option to attack enemies from a distance.


Frank brawl stars

This monster in Brawl Stars has a hammer with which it carries out attacks. This hammer creates a shock wave It allows you to cause damage and hit objects as well. The wave is usually very strong, causing enemies to be stunned, in addition, it can steal strength from its enemies at all times.


Mortis Brawl Stars

Mortis has the ability to perform a dash attack and move with enormous speed towards enemies. His speed is the highlight, in addition to the ability to heal himself. What it does is it summons bats that suck the life of enemies and they transfer it to himself.


Tara brawl stars

Another interesting character in Brawl Stars, who bases his attacks on illusion and cards. Throw the cards three at a time and get through the enemies, to cause damage. It can also create a black hole that attracts enemies and then explodes, dealing damage to them.



Has a basic attack that deals a lot of damage if it hits the enemy, so you have to be precise. In addition, it has the ability to heal nearby allies.


Carl brawl stars

Unlocked with Loot Boxes in Brawl Stars. This character throws its pick like a boomerang, hitting anyone in its path. If it bounces, it returns to Carl to attack more quickly and it can even change its trajectory. When cornering someone, it allows for very fast attacks.


Bibi Brawl Stars

Has a bat that allows attacks in short distances. Its attack is useful, because it not only knocks out enemies, but can be used to push them away or throw them in certain areas. He has a lot of health and the damage that his attack causes is quite high.


Pink Brawl Stars

A character for short distances, who throws close-range arc punches. If you catch multiple enemies, you can give them a good beating. Although you have to get very close to enemies, it has a lot of life, which allows it to be used in many situations effectively.


Tick ​​Brawl Stars

Unlocked by obtaining 4000 Brawl Stars trophies. He is a character for long distances, which launches mines and causes damage in the area in which they cause. It stands out because it regenerates quickly when it is not attacked.


8 bit

You have to get 6000 Brawl Stars trophies to win it. He's a good defensive character, because it is slow, but has a lot of life and has an attack that causes a lot of damage. He can use his blaster with six-shot bursts that destroy any enemy.


Sandy brawl stars

It is obtained only through the Brawl Stars boxes. It is an ideal character to attack, because it throws a sandstorm at enemies, which can help us to heal and buy time, or prepare a powerful attack to end them. If allies enter such a sandstorm, they will gain 300 health points, so in difficult moments, when life is low, it can be the necessary boost to gain health and then be able to attack again.



Unlocked by reaching 8000 trophies. It is a zombie that has an Aerosol wave that causes a lot of damage in a certain area. It allows you to kill enemies from safe areas, although it works well at short distances because it has a lot of health. It also allows you to recover life based on the damage they do to you.


Bea Brawl Stars character

Unlocks in boxes. Have a series of remote launching robot bees and that slow down enemies, in addition to causing damage (100 per bee). It can exert pressure against enemies and allow other characters to advance or use their strength to finish off enemies. He also uses a honey pot to attract enemies and then slow them down.

Mr P

Mr P Brawl Stars

It is also unlocked in the Brawl Stars boxes. Throw your suitcases long distances, which bounce off and cause a powerful explosion. He can also summon colleagues to help him in battles, which are very annoying to enemies. Ideal for long distance combat.


Sprout brawl stars

It is a robot on wheels that is dedicated to throwing seed bombs in the game. He is a supporting character, which works well at long distances, so we can attack enemies without getting too close. It can help as a kind of protection against enemies, allowing the rest of the allies to heal or prepare their attacks.



The loudest character in Brawl Stars, which we unlock in the brawl boxes. He shakes the ground with his hammer, making the enemies get closer and thus attack them at close range. It is an attack that generates a lot of damage, making it an ideal character for those close-range engagements. In addition, he has a lot of health, which is another aspect that gives guarantees in this regard.


Max brawl stars

It is unlocked in the brawl boxes. He is a character for short distances, that stands out especially for its speed in their movements. Therefore, it can be used to make an attack and then retreat. This speed is also ideal when they attack us, because it will be able to dodge the attacks of the enemies. It can help us a lot in close combat, to advance and weaken the enemies.

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