Guide and tricks Angry Birds Reloaded to complete levels

Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded is a new version of the popular Rovio game, which was launched on the occasion of the anniversary of this game on the market. As with the original game, we are faced with a most addictive title. So it is an ideal option to spend hours of fun. So we leave you with a guide to Angry Birds Reloaded.

In this Angry Birds Reloaded guide we leave you with a series of tricks or tips that can help you when playing. Since it is usual that there are some complicated aspects or that there are elements that we do not know how to use or about which it is good to know more. This way you can advance better between the levels of the game. Tips and tricks that will be very helpful in this new title, which maintains many elements of the original game, but also leaves us with changes, which are something important to keep in mind.

Angry Birds Reloaded

Angry Birds Reloaded

As its name indicates, we are faced with a improved or updated version of the original Rovio game. This version was officially launched a few months ago, available on all platforms. So you will be able to play from your phone, tablet or PC without any problem. It is not a complete remake of the original, because the studio has introduced new elements.

We have a number of new characters, birds and enemies in this game, so we will not only see the already known ones. The study has sought to update this list, something that is also important in this regard, as there is more variety and more elements that we must learn or take into account. In addition, they have also left us with new worlds and scenarios, some are modifications of existing sites, while others are completely new. This adds a little more variation in this regard. It is not simply a repetition of the original game in terms of scenarios.

Another of the great novelties that leave us in Angry Birds Reloaded there is a new game mode. This is the Mighty Eagle, in which the eagles enter this world and will destroy everything in their path. It is a way that is going to be an added difficulty within the game, so it is something to keep in mind when playing, because it is not always easy. The first time is sure to be somewhat complicated or chaotic for users. In addition, we can also save all the scores that we obtain within the game. We will then be able to compare them with those of friends and family and see the lists of the scores of players around the world as well.


Within the game we find the so-called Boosters, which are presented as a good help. Thanks to them we can advance more quickly and easily in the various levels that exist. This is something that can help us in many cases, when there is a level that chokes us a bit, for example. Although users tend to abuse them and this results in misuse. A lot of boosters are spent when they don't really need to be spent or used. This is something that can be avoided.

It is true that there are levels that are more complicated in Angry Birds Reloaded, which may take us several attempts. If it goes wrong, many users bet on using one of these boosters directly. You have to try a level at least 10 times before using one. Since it may be that after three or four attempts we will be able to pass the level in question. Many times we need to do a level a couple of times to discover the trick that will help us pass it. We cannot expect that we are going to pass all the levels with one or two attempts, it is not realistic.

So it's best to avoid resorting to these boosters right away, when a level is more difficult than you thought. Since if we use too many, we will miss them later. So it's good to use them wisely and try to pass a level several times, before we use it. In many cases we will see that we can actually pass the level without having to resort to help.

Practice a lot

Angry Birds Reloaded guide

It may seem like stupid advice in an Angry Birds Reloaded guide, but it is something to keep in mind. Not all levels are equally simple nor are we going to pass them quickly. There are times when we are going to get stuck a little more and it will cost us more to climb to another level. It's not a bad thing, but when this happens at an early level, many players get scared and think that the game is too complicated or those boosters are used.

As we play more we will improve significantly. We will have a better understanding of the controls, we will know what to do in certain levels and we will be able to advance in a better way. We are not going to depend on these additional aids, but rather we ourselves are going to be able to level up within the game. There is no need to get nervous if a level is complicated. You have to have a little patience and see what is the best way to move forward.

Know the characteristics of each bird

Birds are essential in a game like Angry Birds Reloaded. In addition, it is important that we are going to see the differences between the various birds that we have available over time, because this is something that is going to help us when it comes to passing levels in the game. We have no control over which birds will come out or which ones can be used in each case, but it is good to know more about them, so that we can make better use of them in the levels of the game.

That is to say, there are birds that work better against a glass than others, others that have a greater range or that are more powerful, also the speed at which they move when we launch them is something of importance. This is something that we are going to learn as we play. We are going to notice that there are birds that give us more options or that are better in certain cases or certain angles. They are small details that may have little importance on paper, but they will help us to overcome levels in the best possible way.

The size of the bird is something that is going to matter. Larger birds will travel a shorter distance than the little ones. So these kinds of things are something to consider when casting, we have to consider the distance it can go before it hits its target, for example.

plan ahead

Another aspect to mention in an Angry Birds Reloaded guide is that we must plan in advance. That is, you have to see the bird we have, so we already have an idea about the distance it can reach and its power, something that will undoubtedly be important to be able to overcome that level in question. On the other hand, you also have to take into account the position where the enemies are and the type of level it is.

Patience is essential in a game like this, so don't be nervous when something doesn't work out the first time. You have to know the terrain first, the bird we have and its difficulty. So the first attempt can be seen as a way to better understand what we have to face and thus better plan what we have to do. Since in many cases we can see exactly how to pass the level the first time, but in other cases it is after having made an attempt when we will have an idea and thus plan what we should do next.

More than one solution

Angry Birds Reloaded

This is something that applies to all Angry Birds games in general, and that many may know. There is more than one solution to the puzzles in the game. There is not just one way to win or beat that puzzle or level in question. This is something that we have to keep in mind, because many times we get obsessed in one way of throwing or we try only one method, but in reality we can try different ways, because there are others that will work in this case as well.

This is something that will depend on many circumstances, but it is good to keep it in mind. If after having tried the same method several times and it has not worked, you have to try other ways to overcome this level or solve a certain puzzle. Since there is going to be an additional way, at least one. So that way you will be able to resort to it and in this way end this annoying problem or situation that you face in the game.

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