Animal Crossing New Horizons tricks to get berries fast

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a very popular game. In this title, which is set on an idyllic-looking island, one of the most important aspects for us as players is making money. Since money is an important aspect to be able to move in this game. One way to do this is by getting huge amounts of berries.

Berries are the main money or currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Therefore, accumulating large amounts of them is something important. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this, so that it will be possible for us to accumulate these huge amounts in a way that is comfortable for us.

Since we are going to need large amounts of berries when we are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a combination of most of these methods to win berries will be the ideal for us. So we will not depend on something in particular, thus always having access to a good amount of berries that we can later use to our liking. Although there are possibly some that are simpler or more comfortable for you when you are playing.

Money tree

Animal Crossing New Horizons money tree

On your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons, every day you will find a point on the island where you will see that there is a golden glow that is coming out of the ground. When you see this, you have to dig in said place, since you are going to get a bag of 1.000 berries. If you plant that bag of 1.000 berries in that hole, before you cover it, a tree will grow. This tree is going to give you triple the berries of what you have planted.

These money trees are extremely useful, since they allow you to triple that amount. In this sense, it will be possible to triple up to a maximum of 90.000 berries, so try to plant that amount, because it will be beneficial at all times. Ideally, as much as possible should be planted at that time, but remember that the more you put in, the less chance the tree will grow with berries.

Ideally, you should bury bags of 30.000 berries, so they will give you 90.000 when it grows. The probability that it will be successful will be very high.

These trees in Animal Crossing New Horizons take about three days to grow, more or less, so you have to be attentive to when they are ready again, to collect those berries. That is why it is important that you always have the location in which it is located memorized, so that you can locate it or to check if these berries are ready and thus collect them as soon as possible.

Rocks with berries

Animal Crossing New Horizons rocks with berries

Something that surely you will already know if you have been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons Tricks for a while, is that every day one of the five rocks on our island it's going to give us money. For this to be possible, we have to hit said rock with an ax or a shovel, so that these berries will come out of it. Exactly what we were looking for in this case. So it is something that we must use at all times.

One of these rocks will give us up to 15.000 berries, which is undoubtedly a good amount that on many occasions will help us when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons Tricks. So you have to resort to this option daily, because it is also an easy method to earn these berries.

To make it easier, you can dig two holes behind you, so that said recoil when hitting the rock is not noticeable, allowing you to hit said rock with pleasure. In addition, it is important that you do not hit these rocks after having eaten fruit, since if you have any point of strength, you will break them and you will not be able to extract anything from it until the next day, something that would be a shame and is basically wasting this process.

Sell ​​non-native fruit

At Animal Crossing New Horizons we can sell many different products. This is a good way to get berries, so we will always resort to this option. Although there are certain products that may be more interesting, to be able to sell them more expensive than they would normally be sold. This is the case of non-native fruit, that being a product that is exotic, we can put a higher price on it.

These types of products tend to be quite popular in the game, therefore, a good quantity is worth producing so that we will be able to sell it at a good price, which allows us to have a lot of berries. These types of products are the ones that can get us out of a lot of trouble when we play Animal Crossing New Horizons. So whenever possible, sell this non-native fruit, with an expensive price that helps you earn berries, many if possible.

Sell ​​fossils

Animal Crossing New Horizons fossils

There are many objects, such as fossils, that we can donate with the intention of expand the museum collection. Something that is undoubtedly laudable, but it can not always be useful, so there are many occasions when when playing Animal Crossing New Horizons Cheats we have to use strategy, as in this case with fossils.

Since we can sell the fossils, but we can do it even at a more expensive price. This will help us to earn berries, accumulate them at times when we have few and it is especially important to have them. In the future, if we already have many, we can always donate these fossils to the museum. But there are times when we have to put ourselves first.

Sell ​​tarantulas

Animal Crossing New Horizons tarantulas

The sale of all kinds of objects in Animal Crossing New Horizons is what will help us earn berries. So it is important that we do it constantly, since it is a sure way to earn these berries. Although there are certain objects or products that can be especially beneficial to us, since they give us huge amounts of berries at all times. This is exactly what happens with tarantulas.

Tarantulas are very elusive and only come out at night in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This makes them desirable and a good price to be paid for them. We can sell them for about 8.000 berries each unit, making it a simple way to earn money. Although we can only find them between 19:00 p.m. and 04:00 a.m., so we have to be very attentive during those hours in order to be able to sell them later at a good price.

On the other hand, we may have the possibility of doing a special tour at night. If this is the case, we can end up on the island of tarantulas, where we are going to find tarantulas infinitely, which means that we can capture as many as we want and can in that time and get rich with them. If you have to capture one, the steps are:

  1. Hold down the A button to lift the net.
  2. Approach the tarantula slowly and not see you.
  3. If he raises his legs, wait, he'll bring them back down again.
  4. When he's close, drop the net.

Sell ​​expensive critters

Animal Crossing New Horizons Beetle Weirdo

Like tarantulas, there are certain bugs in Animal Crossing New Horizons sold at expensive prices. Especially those whose prices are more than 2.000 berries can be especially interesting for us, because they will allow us to obtain good quantities of berries. You don't have to focus on all the bugs in general, but you have to look for some specifically, which we know can give us a good performance or profit. Strategy is again something of importance in this case, to win berries in the game.

The bugs that can make us earn more berries in Animal Crossing New Horizons are the following:

  • Gold beetle: 10.000 berries.
  • Giant stag beetle: 10.000 berries.
  • Scorpion: 8000 berries.
  • Tarantula: 8000 berries.
  • Cyclommatus stag beetle: 8000 berries.
  • Atlas horned beetle: 8000 berries.
  • Goliath: 8000 berries.
  • Elephant horned beetle: 8000 berries.
  • Rainbow stag beetle: 6000 berries.
  • Tiger dragonfly: 4500 berries.
  • Birdwing Butterfly: 4000 berries.
  • Celestial Butterfly: 4000 berries.

Any of these critters show up as a good method to earn berries in the game. As you can see, there are some of them that really give us a good amount of berries, so it can always be interesting to capture them, so that we will sell them later in the game. Although as we have said before, we must focus on these few bugs, since there are others that give us few berries, making them not really worth it. Select well before capturing any and it is good to be informed about the prices that you will be able to ask for each of them.

Sell ​​expensive fish

Animal Crossing New Horizons Golden Trout

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are also expensive fish, some of them very very expensive. Therefore, capturing some of them to sell later is ideal, since we are going to earn a huge amount of berries that will be very helpful, we show you some of those that we can sell for at least 10.000 berries, although there are many that we can sell from 3.000 or 4.000, so we would already earn money. There are some especially expensive fish in the game:

  • Golden trout: 15.000 berries.
  • Transparent head fish: 15.000 berries.
  • Coelacanth: 15.000 berries.
  • Catfish: 15.000 berries.
  • Whale shark: 13.000 berries.
  • Shark: 12000 berries.
  • Arowana: 10.000 berries.
  • Pirarucú: 10.000 berries.
  • Sturgeon: 10.000 berries.
  • Humphead wrasse: 10.000 berries.
  • Swordfish: 10.000 berries.

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